Open Education

Open Educators – pushing boundaries and crossing borders

Excited to meet @laperryman @celTatis @tjcoughlan to talk about open research and Canadian latitudes 😉 #oeglobal — Briar Jamieson (@mbjamieson) April 22, 2015 I have to thank Eilidh Singh who asked her Twitter PLN, How they distill learning post-conference. Having replied that I would blog, I now feel that I should at least follow through […]

Open Education, A crash course (Alternatively, Making sense of context)

Today I attended the Open Education Consortium‘s, Open Education Global, Pre-conference session: Getting started with Open Education – a crash course on starting an open education project.  The expert presenters each took a section of the day, Robert Schuwer, W.F. van Valkenburg, Martijn Ouwehand, Jure Cuhalev, Meena Hwang.  Appreciated the collaborative note taking Google document; […]

Thoughts before contributing to WikiEducator (a #ds4oer activity)

Ward Cunningham Wiki Inventor Appreciate his reflection that he did not get the licence right the first time. #ds4oer — Briar Jamieson (@mbjamieson) April 19, 2015 As I enter Session 2 Developing Wiki Skills in Digital Skills for OER, I find I am still exploring my understanding of how to licence for OER. But […]