Learning Design

Wait for it… pausing on SOUL and SIM

Slow Online and Ubiquitous Learning (SOUL) is a concept that has just been introduced in my 3rd MET course, Educational Technology #ETEC511.  The course introduction says that SOUL is a work in progress, and hints that SOUL is a philosophy, a mode of being, and a promise.  This blog post is my exploration of the concept of SOUL. As written in the course introduction, […]

Overview of Learning Theories in ETEC512 (UBC MET)

ETEC512 Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction, my first course in the Master’s of Educational Technology program at UBC is almost done. There is only one first and every course from here will be bench marked against this experience or at least my every changing memory of this experience. This post is a collection of […]

Lines of Desire, Learner Agency and The Fork in the Road. Week 2: Inquire (#oldsmooc)

This week 2: Inquire (#oldsmooc) introduced the importance of understanding learner context to inform learning design. Several tools: Scenario Based Design, Force Maps and personas, Ecology of Resources, and Lattice Model (left out of the activities) were introduced as mechanisms to help learning designers connect to the motivations and goals of anticipated participants. The purpose of these models is to help […]

Personal:Learning :: Environment:Design

Did the title capture your attention? I thought the audience of #oldsmooc might appreciate a little logical analogy.  However, this blog is not a proof, so much as an exploration of my current understanding of learning design (an activity in Week 1: Initiate).  Suggested readings can be found in BibSonomy. In many of these suggested readings, I […]

Storming…Week 1 in #oldsmooc

The weather in Winnipeg matches my navigation of Week 1 of the Open Learning Design MOOC: periods of snow (low -21C/high -10c), windchill warning, blizzard clearing overnight, sunny, sunny.  I realize I have just walked into a Canadian cliche of talking about the weather.  I am (in part) a product of my environment and with some application […]