Open Educators – pushing boundaries and crossing borders

Excited to meet @laperryman @celTatis @tjcoughlan to talk about open research and Canadian latitudes ūüėČ #oeglobal ‚ÄĒ Briar Jamieson (@mbjamieson) April 22, 2015 I have to thank Eilidh Singh who asked her Twitter PLN, How they¬†distill learning post-conference. Having replied that I would blog, I now feel that I should at least follow through […]

Open Education, A crash course (Alternatively, Making sense of context)

Today I attended the Open Education Consortium‘s, Open Education Global, Pre-conference session: Getting started with Open Education – a crash course on starting an open education project.¬† The expert presenters each took a section of the day, Robert Schuwer, W.F. van Valkenburg, Martijn Ouwehand, Jure Cuhalev, Meena Hwang. ¬†Appreciated the collaborative note taking Google document; […]

Participant conference preparation, when faced with choice how do you decide?

I¬†rarely get the opportunity to join a¬†conference outside of my subject matter (Teaching English as a Second Language) or sector (not-for-profit, settlement, language) and for the past several¬†years I have usually been presenting. ¬†This will be the first time that I have gone to a conference and not known a single person. Although I am […]

Thoughts before contributing to WikiEducator (a #ds4oer activity)

Ward Cunningham Wiki Inventor Appreciate his reflection that he did not get the licence right the first time. #ds4oer ‚ÄĒ Briar Jamieson (@mbjamieson) April 19, 2015 As I enter Session 2 Developing Wiki Skills in Digital Skills for OER, I find I am still exploring my understanding of how to licence for OER. But […]

Organizational Professional Development, Hacking ‘free’ (as a puppy) #ds4oer

I have been reading about and thinking about Open Educational Resources (OERs) for a couple of years now (Oldsmooc shared meeting notes, February 19, 2013). In a research notebook¬†(for a course on research methods), I indicate my interest in the professional development of my colleagues and how organizational professional development might be conducted¬†(Jamieson, personal notebook, […]

Is ‘open’ what I am doing? #DS4OER

This post is my declaration that I have started¬†OERu’s three week course entitled: Digital Skills for Open Educational Resources. It has been a few years now that I have been thinking about, considering, moving toward ‘openness’ for content access; for a brief history of the journey see my Storify response to Sheila MacNeil’s call for […]

Wait for it… pausing on SOUL and SIM

Slow Online and Ubiquitous Learning (SOUL) is a concept that has just been introduced in my 3rd¬†MET¬†course,¬†Educational Technology¬†#ETEC511. ¬†The course introduction says that SOUL is a work in progress, and hints that¬†SOUL is a¬†philosophy, a¬†mode¬†of being, and a promise. ¬†This blog post is my exploration of the concept of SOUL. As written¬†in the course introduction, […]

My Individualized Learning Plan – Summer 2014

I have decided to take the summer off¬†from the pursuit of my Master in Educational Technology. ¬†It is only a brief hiatus, in order to¬†pursue some personal learning projects. The formal learning year and work does not leave much time for personal pursuits and I need balance. ¬†Balance for me, seemingly, only happens in large […]

Overview of Learning Theories in ETEC512 (UBC MET)

ETEC512 Applications of Learning Theories to Instruction, my first course in the Master’s of Educational Technology program at UBC is almost done. There is only one first and every course from here will be bench marked against this experience or at least my every changing memory of this experience. This post is a collection of […]

Starting a Master in Educational Technology!

No excuses.¬† It has been too long since I last posted. I have been accepted to the Master of Educational Technology at the University of British Columbia.¬† The decision was not made lightly.¬† Although I am very excited to start this new phase of my learning, I still have mixed feelings about pursing graduate studies.¬† […]